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Orgonite-OM products – Prices

The prices below are producer prices. Our products are available for these prices in cases of online shopping or personal purchase.

Shipping costs will be added to online shopping prices.

Consumer prices and resale prices are set by arrangement and may be influenced by the retail market.

Shipping rates/Valid within Hungary only

The shipping price HUF 950.

The shipping price of a heavier product is higher depending on the exact weight of the product.

Special prices

At HUF 50000 or when ordering altogether 3 products we offer a 8% discount from the total amount (+shipping costs)

At HUF 100000 we offer a 10% discount (+shipping costs)

At HUF 200000 we offer a 18% discount (with resale contract)

Orgonite-OM products – How to order

Step 1

Please mail your order with your postal address and telephone number to taichikertvaros@gmail.com

Step 2

Transfer the price of the ordered product(s) either to my address:  Csőr Gábor H- 2800 Tatabánya, Petőfi Sándor utca 62.

or to my bank account: CSŐR GÁBOR MENYHÉRT 11773401 00420556 HUF

For international money transfers: IBAN: HU46 1177 3401 0042 0556 0000 0000 


Currency: HUF

Orgonite-OM products

1. Self-adhesive orgonites to be fixed on mobile phones, screens, and mobile internet sticks

Shape: Square and round

Size: 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm square, 1.5 -3 cm diameter approximately

Price: HUF 2000

2. Amulets and charms with various symbols

Shape: disc with Tesla-Spurling spiral on the back side

Size: 3-5.5 cm diameter, 7-8 mm thick.

Price: HUF 10000 – 12000.

Note: Special demands and the extra labour content may raise the price.

3. Muffin-shape orgonites without extra decoration

Shape: muffin  Size: 4.5 cm diameter, 2.5 cm high

Price: HUF 3000

pocket-size (1cm high approximately): HUF 2000

with spiral: HUF 3500

4. Cones and Pyramids with fine precious and semiprecious stones, and crystals at the top (pyramid effect)

Shape: cone, pyramid Size: cones: 10-13 cm bottom diameter, 5-10 cm high

pyramids: 4.5 cm x 4,5 cm

Price: HUF 3000 – 70000

5. Plant Charms for both garden and pot plants, to enhance germination and growth, and to avoid drying

Shape: pack of 4 pieces of natural orgonites

Size: 2 cm x 2 cm, 0.5-2 cm thick

Price: HUF 3000

6. Chakra discs  with chakra or other symbols and precious or semi precious stones enhancing the healing effect

Shape: disc

Size: 8 cm diameter, 1.5 cm thick

Price: HUF 12000

7. Orgonite-OM water harmonizer

Shape: octagonal and hexagonal disc

Size: 8 cm – 20 cm diameter

Price: HUF 6000 - 35000

8. Orgonite-OM Chemtrailbuster

Shape: tower

Size: 1 m or 1.8 m high

Price: Standard aluminium: HUF 62000 (1m) and HUF 74000 (1.8m)

With copper tube: an extra HUF 20000 is added to the basic price

Note: Chembusters are made to order with the advance payment of a  50 % of the price.

9. SB generator

Shape: cylinder

Size: 10.5 cm high, 5 cm diameter

Price: HUF 23000

Note: SB generators are made to order with the advance payment of a non-repayable 50% of the price.

10. Orgonite-OM resonator

Shape: control panel box, 2 copper grips (2 cm diameter)

Size: 5 cm x 7.5 cm x 14 cm

Price: HUF 15000 - 35000

- 1 frequency (32 Khz), with operator bars and a power supply unit: HUF 15000

- 2 frequencies (32 Khz and 15 Hz), with a power supply unit, SBG tower, multifunctional application: HUF 28000

- 3 frequencies (7.83 Hz, 15 Hz and 32 Khz): HUF 35000

Note: Orgonit-OM Resonators are made to order with the advance payment of a non-repayable 50% of the price).

11. Snowflake-shaped Room Harmonizer Orgonite

 Shape: snowflake

Size: 20 cm diameter

Price: HUF 18000

12. Thoth Cylinders

Shape: cylinder with 2 spirals

Size: 28mm diameter, 20cm high, zink and copper

Price: HUF 26000

Note: Orgonit-OM Resonators are made to order with the advance payment of a  50% of the price.